Art direction is a crucial element in creating compelling and visually impactful designs that effectively communicate a brand’s message.

As an agency, we understand the importance of art direction in guiding the overall aesthetic and creative direction of a project.

The Yardbirds
'68 Boxset Art Direction

The Yardbirds 1968 tour will be forever etched in the list of legendary tours. Produced over 6 months we created a series of artwork contained in a beautiful range of products celebrating the release of this unique time in musical history.

Jimmy Page
Art Direction

The Soundtracks Project. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a musical legend, Art Directing a unique boxset telling the fascinating story behind his film score compositions during the ’70s and ’80s.

David Gilmour
Art Direction

Art Direction for David Gilmours ninth studio album Rattle That Lock, designed in collaboration with Aubrey Powell (Po) from the legendary Hypgnosis Design Studio.

British Summertime
Billboards & Advertising Artwork
Robbie Williams
Under the Radar Series Album Artwork

Artwork for Robbie Williams’s Under the Radar album series, which sees Robbie strip down to his birthday suit in a range of unlikely locations.

The Christmas Present

Our second No.1 album cover, created for Robbie William’ Christmas album, The Christmas Present, which was hand-painted and extended to producing visuals for a host of TV shows and European advertising campaign.