Digital activations are innovative and interactive marketing campaigns that harness the power of digital technology to engage and captivate audiences.

As an agency, we specialise in conceptualising and executing creative digital activations that leave a lasting impact on our clients’ target market.

Louis Tomlinson
Album & Tour Digital Activation
Kill My Doubt Digital Activation

We took it back to the classics and added a sci-fi ITZY twist to Pac-Man with this addictive digital activation to promote the new release.

Katy Perry
Smile Digital Activation

One of our most extensive artist marketing campaigns, stretching over four separate digital activations, including an album cover reveal campaign that hit number 2 on Twitters trending hashtags of the day.

72 Seasons Digital Activation

As one of the most influential and iconic rock bands of all time, we had to create something special for Metallica. Discover the soundtrack to your 72 Seasons.

Bruce Springsteen
Letter To You Digital Activation

To support Bruce Springsteen’s album ‘Letter To You’, fans were invited to send Bruce a letter. The response was incredible, engaging with fans from all corners of the world.

Digital Activation

The critically acclaimed web-based platform game produced for Ministry of Sounds DJ Regard. Playing as Regard fans are challenged to unlock a range of exclusive rewards and prizes.

Digital Activation

The objective for any digital music activation is to go viral, and that’s just what happened when we teamed up with the artist Lauv, to create a web-based game to support the build-up to his highly anticipated album ‘How I’m Feeling’.

John Lennon
Imagine Peace Digital Campaign

Creating dreams don’t come much closer than working with John Lennon’s immortal words. Briefed by Yoko Ono Lennon, alongside Amnesty International, we were commissioned to create a digital campaign for the #ImaginePeace campaign.