Album & Tour Digital Activation

Those who remember the days of the mixtape will remember the joy of sifting through their music collection to create the ultimate playlist for their friends or that special someone. Usually followed by pouring hours into customising their cassette box with magazine cut-outs, stickers and virtually anything they could their hands-on, to make it as personal and individual as possible.

What initially started as an idea we had for a Spotify experiment, eventually evolved into a campaign for Louis Tomlinson to bring the mixtape experience back to life in a contemporary digital format.

Forty thousand playlists and counting

The digital activation was designed to promote the launch of Louis’ album ‘Bigger Than Me’ and was later updated for his ‘Faith in the Future’ world tour.

The campaign was a massive hit with fans worldwide with over 130,000+ visitors and 40,000+ playlists created to date.